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Anita Abedian

I'm a journalist.

Reporter. Producer. Filmmaker. "In America, the President reigns for four years. And Journalism governs forever and ever." - Oscar Wilde

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The Village Voice

Anita Abedian | New York News, Food, Culture and Events | Village Voice

Village Voice is your guide to news, music, movies, culture, restaurants and events in New York....

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The Village Voice

The Sleepless Nights of Laura Poitras: The Snowden Collaborator and Award Winner on Her Return to New York

Laura Poitras is famously private. She's been called shy; she's known to keep a low profile. Rolling Stone went so far as to deem Edward Snowden's chosen collaborator "intensely paranoid," although that may have had something to do with the fact that she declined the magazine's interview request. But anyone......

The Village Voice

Gang Takedown of New York Part Two: Bigger and Badder!

Just as the remaining open cases come to a close on “the largest gang bust in New York City history,” federal authorities have announced another “largest gang bust in New York City’s history.” That time it was in West Harlem, on June 4, 2014, when 103 young men were taken......

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The Village Voice

Can't Go Home for Holiday Break? Prove It, Demands 'Demeaning' Barnard College

Barnard College says it wants to attract more students from disadvantaged backgrounds — people from communities of color, low-income families, and developing countries. They promise to support these students to ensure they thrive at the elite women's college affiliated with Columbia University. But increasingly, some of these students face a......

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The Village Voice

New Yorkers Hold Orlando Vigil at Stonewall Inn: 'It's Time to Fight the Hate With Love'

The outpouring of grief in Orlando came to New York on Monday night. Thousands of New Yorkers gathered in front of the historic Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street for a candlelight vigil in remembrance of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando — the deadliest in the nation’s history......

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The Village Voice

From Iran to Harlem: Fighting Discrimination With Street Art

On a recent summer day in East Harlem, Alexander Keto stood on a ladder above a group of sixth graders playing basketball, aerosol can in hand. Keto is spray-painting turquoise blue paint on P.S. 7’s brick exterior. The wall turns into an image of a West African woman up to......

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The Village Voice

Meet the City Worker Who Fights Inequality With a Tape Measure

On a recent July day, Ted Finkelstein stands outside a Mexican restaurant on the Upper West Side with a tape measure and slope measuring tool in hand. The restaurant has a ramp, but it’s at so steep an angle, a manual wheelchair user would have trouble making it up the......

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The Village Voice

How Marcia Resnick Used Her Camera to Tame a Generation of New York City ‘Bad Boys’

You'd be forgiven, on this drizzly autumn night at the Howl! Happening gallery, for thinking you've stepped into CBGBs or Andy Warhol's Factory circa 1978. Punks, as it turns out, still smell like wet leather when it rains, and it's this scent that fills the spacious East Village gallery and......

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The Village Voice

How Do Theaters Plan to Handle Security for the 'Star Wars' Opening Weekend?

When a Village Voice film critic attended a recent press screening of the Will Ferrell–Mark Wahlberg buddy comedy Daddy's Home at the Regal E-Walk theater in Times Square, he was asked to open his bag so it could be checked. The attendant was looking not just for the usual innocuous stuff......

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The Village Voice

New York City's Private Garbage Collectors Are Treated Like Trash

If you were shopping at A&M Discount market in Staten Island last fall, the waste produced at the store where you bought your milk, eggs, and cat food may have contributed to Sidney Marthone losing part of his middle finger when he picked up the garbage the morning of November......

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The Village Voice

This Yoga and Meditation Class for At-Risk Children Is the Best Thing You'll See Today

The room is filled with the cacophony of restless ten- to fifteen-year-old children. All share one common bond: the chaos and stress in their lives that’s a result of their growing up in low-income families. Some are homeless. Others live in apartments crammed with relatives sharing space due to the......

Open uri20161206 5764 xzvh56 article
The Village Voice

As Islamophobic Rhetoric Gets Louder, NYC Muslims Fear for Their Mosques

Amid reports of attacks on mosques around the nation, a few dozen Muslims came to pray on a recent evening at the Al-Khoei Islamic Center next to the Van Wyck Expressway in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens. They braved high winds and sheeting rain to attend the service, and they......

The Village Voice

Taylonn Murphy Trial Reveals Overreaching Prosecution Tactics

Last week, another black youth was found guilty of murder. Another kid from the housing projects. This time it was Taylonn Murphy Jr. He was one of the last remaining open cases from the largest gang bust in New York City history. Whether or not Murphy actually committed murder—there was......

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The Village Voice

In Wake of Mass Shootings, 'Scared' New Yorkers Apply in Droves for Handgun Permits

In response to the mass shootings in San Bernardino, Colorado Springs and Paris, gun merchants in and around New York City say residents are flocking to stores like never before in search of firearms. Nationally, President Barack Obama recently reiterated his call for stricter national gun control laws. Closer to......

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The Village Voice

New York City's Food Pantries Are Struggling to Keep Up With a Growing Demand for Meals

A working mother of three kids, who could barely make rent. A disabled veteran. Homeless senior citizens. These were people among the 957 who lined up outside a food pantry on a recent morning in Jamaica, Queens waiting for a warm meal. "Poverty has no face," says Swami Durga Das,......